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beneath-a-steel-sky-cd - Beneath a Steel Sky - Adventure Game - CD version

License: Freely redistributable without restriction
Vendor: Alcance Libre, Inc.
After the Dungeons and Dragons fantasy setting of Revolution's first game, Lure
of the Temptress, Revolution decided to go down a completely different avenue
with its second adventure game, Beneath a Steel Sky, that of Science Fiction.
A bleak vision of the future was imagined, where mind control and medical
science combined forces to repress the populace. Leading comic artist, Dave
Gibbons, joined the design team to visualise this desperate landscape. The
result is the cult classic Beneath a Steel Sky.

This package contains the CD version, which contains additional / longer
cutscenes and voice acting, but also is much larger: 70 MB where as the also
available floppy version (package name beneath-a-steel-sky) is only 8 MB.

Packages [64.1 MiB] Changelog by Rahul Sundaram (2013-02-11):
- remove vendor tag from desktop file.
- clean up spec to follow current guidelines
- fixed url and sourceurl

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