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cantata - Music Player Daemon (MPD) graphical client

License: GPLv2+
Vendor: Alcance Libre, Inc.
Cantata is a graphical client for the music player daemon (MPD).

* Multiple MPD collections.
* Highly customisable layout.
* Songs grouped by album in play queue.
* Context view to show artist, album, and song information of current track.
* Simple tag editor.
* File organizer - use tags to organize files and folders.
* Ability to calculate ReplyGain tags.
* Dynamic playlists.
* Online services; Jamendo, Magnatune, SoundCloud, and Podcasts.
* Radio stream support - with the ability to search for streams via TuneIn
and ShoutCast.
* USB-Mass-Storage and MTP device support.
* Audio CD ripping and playback.
* Playback of non-MPD songs, via simple in-built HTTP server.
* MPRISv2 DBUS interface.
* Support for KDE global shortcuts (KDE builds), GNOME media keys, and generic
media keys (via Qxt support)
* Ubuntu/ambiance theme integration.

Packages [3.1 MiB] Changelog by Joel Barrios (2022-03-04):
- Update to 2.5.0.

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