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horai-ume-pgothic-fonts - Free Japanese fonts family Ume P Gothic

Website: https://osdn.jp/projects/ume-font/
License: mplus
Vendor: Alcance Libre, Inc.
This package contains fonts published by Wataru Horai. It contains Gothic and
Mincho styles in 19 variants total:

 * Ume Gothic Original, O5, C4, C5, S4, S5
 * Ume Hy Gothic
 * Ume P Gothic Original, O5, C4, C5, S4, S5
 * Ume UI Gothic Original, O5
 * Ume Mincho Original, S3
 * Ume P Mincho Original, S3

In addition to Latin, Greek and Cyrilics scripts it provides Hiragana, Katakana
and CJK. These fonts are suitable for easy on-screen legibility.

The Ume P Gothic family features sans-serif fonts.


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