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midisport-firmware - Firmware for the M-Audio/Midiman USB MIDI and Audio devices

Website: http://usb-midi-fw.sourceforge.net/
License: (MIT or GPLv2+) and Redistributable, no modification permitted
Vendor: Alcance Libre, Inc.
This package contains the firmware for M-Audio/Midiman USB MIDI & Audio devices.

Supported devices:
 - MidiSport 1x1
 - MidiSport 2x2
 - MidiSport 4x4
 - MidiSport 8x8
 - MidiSport Uno
 - Keystation
 - Oxygen
 - Radium

(You don't need a firmware download for the USB Audio Quattro, Duo, or
MidiSport 2x4.)


midisport-firmware-1.2-8.fc14.al.noarch [22 KiB] Changelog by Charles R. Anderson (2011-07-13):
- Use ATTRS idVendor/idProduct/bcdDevice to match devices in udev rules (#718904)
- Expand package description

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