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octave-jnifti - Fast NIfTI-1/2 reader and NIfTI-to-JNIfTI converter for MATLAB/Octave

Website: https://github.com/fangq/jnifti
License: GPLv3+ or ASL 2.0
Vendor: Alcance Libre, Inc.
JNIfTI Toolbox is a fully functional NIfTI-1/2 reader/writer that supports both
MATLAB and GNU Octave, and is capable of reading/writing both non-compressed
and compressed NIfTI files (.nii, .nii.gz) as well as two-part Analyze7.5/NIfTI
files (.hdr/.img and .hdr.gz/.img.gz).  More importantly, this is a toolbox
that converts NIfTI data to its JSON-based replacement, JNIfTI (.jnii for
text-based and .bnii for binary-based), defined by the JNIfTI specification
(http://github.com/fangq/jnifti). JNIfTI is a much more flexible, human-readable
and extensible file format compared to the more rigid and opaque NIfTI format,
making the data much easier to manipulate and share.


octave-jnifti-0.5-3.fc14.al.noarch [36 KiB] Changelog by Joel Barrios (2022-01-09):
- Rebuild with Octave 6.4.0.

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