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octave-mcxlab - MCXLAB - A GPU Monte Carlo 3-D photon transport simulator for MATLAB/Octave

Website: http://mcx.space
License: GPLv3+
Vendor: Alcance Libre, Inc.
Monte Carlo eXtreme OpenCL (MCX-CL) is a fast photon transport simulation
software for 3D heterogeneous turbid media, accelerated by GPUs.
MCXLAB-CL is the native MEX version of MCX-CL for Matlab and GNU Octave.
It contains the entire MCX-CL code into a MEX function which can be called
directly inside Matlab or Octave. The input and output files in MCX are
replaced by convenient in-memory struct variables in MCXLAB-CL, thus,
making it much easier to use and interact. Matlab/Octave also provides
convenient plotting and data analysis functions. With MCXLAB-CL, your
analysis can be streamlined and speed-up without involving disk files.


octave-mcxlab-0.9.5-3.fc14.al.i686 [1.1 MiB] Changelog by Joel Barrios (2022-01-09):
- Rebuild with Octave 6.4.0.

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