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openexr-libs - OpenEXR Libraries

Website: https://www.openexr.com/
License: BSD
Vendor: Alcance Libre, Inc.
OpenEXR is an open-source high-dynamic-range floating-point image file
format for high-quality image processing and storage. This document
presents a brief overview of OpenEXR and explains concepts that are
specific to this format.

OpenEXR Features:

* High dynamic range and color precision.  Support for 16-bit
* 32-bit floating-point, and 32-bit integer pixels.
* Multiple image compression algorithms, both lossless and lossy. Some
  of the included codecs can achieve 2:1 lossless compression ratios
  on images with film grain. The lossy codecs have been tuned for
  visual quality and decoding performance.
* Extensibility. New compression codecs and image types can easily be
  added by extending the C++ classes included in the OpenEXR software
  distribution. New image attributes (strings, vectors, integers,
  etc.) can be added to OpenEXR image headers without affecting
  backward compatibility with existing OpenEXR applications.
* Support for stereoscopic image workflows and a generalization
  to multi-views.
* Flexible support for deep data: pixels can store a variable-length
  list of samples and, thus, it is possible to store multiple values
  at different depths for each pixel. Hard surfaces and volumetric
  data representations are accommodated.
* Multipart: ability to encode separate, but related, images in one
  file. This allows for access to individual parts without the need to
  read other parts in the file.
* Versioning: OpenEXR source allows for user configurable C++
  namespaces to provide protection when using multiple versions of the
  library in the same process space.

The IlmBase Library:

Also a part of OpenEXR, the IlmBase library is a basic, light-weight,
and efficient representation of 2D and 3D vectors and matrices and
other simple but useful mathematical objects, functions, and data
types common in computer graphics applications, including the “half”
16-bit floating-point type.


openexr-libs-3.1.13-2.aldos.i686 [1.3 MiB] Changelog by Joel Barrios (2024-03-26):
- Rebuild with Boost 1.78.0.

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