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rubygem-net-http-digest_auth - Implementation of RFC 2617 - Digest Access Authentication

Website: http://docs.seattlerb.org/net-http-digest_auth
License: MIT
Vendor: Alcance Libre, Inc.
An implementation of RFC 2617 - Digest Access Authentication.  At this time
the gem does not drop in to Net::HTTP and can be used for with other HTTP
In order to use net-http-digest_auth you'll need to perform some request
wrangling on your own.  See the class documentation at Net::HTTP::DigestAuth
for an example.


rubygem-net-http-digest_auth-1.4-1.fc14.al.noarch [8 KiB] Changelog by Mamoru TASAKA (2013-08-07):
- 1.4

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