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un-extra-fonts-common - Common files for the Un Extra font set

Website: http://kldp.net/projects/unfonts/
License: GPLv2
Vendor: Alcance Libre, Inc.
The UN set of Korean TrueType fonts is derived from the HLaTeX Type1 fonts
made by Koaunghi Un in 1998. They were converted to TrueType with
FontForge(PfaEdit) by Won-kyu Park in 2003.
The Un Extra set is composed of:

- UnPen, UnPenheulim: script
- UnTaza: typewriter style
- UnBom: decorative
- UnShinmun
- UnYetgul: old Korean printing style
- UnJamoSora, UnJamoNovel, UnJamoDotum, UnJamoBatang
- UnVada
- UnPilgia: script

This package consists of files used by other un-extra-fonts packages.


un-extra-fonts-common-1.0.2-0.21.080608.fc14.al.noarch [13 KiB] Changelog by Daiki Ueno (2016-01-07):
- replace %define uses with %global

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