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cxxtest - A JUnit-like testing framework for C++

Website: https://cxxtest.com
License: LGPLv3
Vendor: Alcance Libre, Inc.
CxxTest is a unit testing framework for C++ that is similar in spirit to
JUnit, CppUnit, and xUnit. CxxTest is easy to use because it does not require
precompiling a CxxTest testing library, it employs no advanced features of
C++ (e.g. RTTI) and it supports a very flexible form of test discovery.


cxxtest-4.4-14.fc14.al.noarch [103 KiB] Changelog by Martin Gieseking (2018-07-13):
- Fixed Python shebang cxxtest.
- Ensure proper call of Python 2 in doc/Makefile.

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