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steinberg-bravura-fonts-common - Common files of the Bravura fonts

Website: https://www.smufl.org/fonts/
License: OFL
Vendor: Alcance Libre, Inc.
Bravura is an OpenType music font developed for Steinberg's Dorico music
notation and composition software.  It is also the reference font for
Standard Music Font Layout (SMuFL), which provides a standard way of
mapping the thousands of musical symbols required by conventional music
notation into the Private Use Area in Unicode's Basic Multilingual Plane
for a single (format-independent) font.

This package consists of files used by other steinberg-bravura-fonts packages.


steinberg-bravura-fonts-common-1.320-1.20191209.6aa3a10.fc14.al.noarch [78 KiB] Changelog by Jerry James (2019-12-14):
- Version 1.320

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