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texlive-latex - A TeX macro package that defines LaTeX

License: LPPL
Vendor: Alcance Libre, Inc.
LaTeX is a widely-used macro package for TeX, providing many
basic document formating commands extended by a wide range of
packages. It is a development of Leslie Lamport's original
LaTeX 2.09, and superseded the older system in June 1994. The
basic distribution is catalogued separately, at latex-base;
apart from a large set of contributed packages and third-party
documentation (elsewhere on the archive), the distribution
includes: - a bunch of required packages, which LaTeX authors
are "entitled to assume" will be present on any system running
LaTeX; and - a minimal set of documentation detailing
differences from the 'old' version of LaTeX in the areas of
user commands, font selection and control, class and package
writing, font encodings, configuration options and modification
of LaTeX. For downloading details, see the linked catalogue
entries above.

date: 2012-07-07 16:18:52 +0200

Packages [196 KiB] Changelog by Joel Barrios (2019-12-10):
- Rebuild with libpng 1.6.

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