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gcovr - A code coverage report generator using GNU gcov

Website: http://gcovr.com/
License: BSD
Vendor: Alcance Libre, Inc.
Gcovr provides a utility for managing the use of the GNU gcov utility
and generating summarized code coverage results.

This command is inspired by the Python coverage.py package, which provides
a similar utility in Python. The gcovr command produces either compact
human-readable summary reports, machine readable XML reports
(in Cobertura format) or simple HTML reports. Thus, gcovr can be viewed
as a command-line alternative to the lcov utility, which runs gcov and
generates an HTML-formatted report.


gcovr-3.3-4.fc14.al.src [320 KiB] Changelog by Neal Gompa (2017-03-06):
- Fix HTML reports for Python 3 (#1428277)

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