gdouros-alexander-fonts - A Greek typeface inspired by Alexander Wilson

License: Public Domain
Vendor: Alcance Libre, Inc.
A text typeface using the Greek letters designed by Alexander Wilson
(1714-1786), a Scottish doctor, astronomer, and type founder, who established a
type foundry in Glasgow in 1744. The type was especially designed for an
edition of Homer’s epics, published in 1756-8 by Andrew and Robert Foulis,
printers to the University of Glasgow. A modern revival, Wilson Greek, was
designed by Matthew Carter in 1995. Peter S. Baker is also using Wilson’s Greek
type in his Junicode font for medieval scholars (2007).

Latin and Cyrillic are based on a Garamond typeface. The font covers the
Windows Glyph List, IPA Extensions, Greek Extended, Ancient Greek Numbers,
Byzantine and Ancient Greek Musical Notation, various typographic extras and
several Open Type features (Case-Sensitive Forms, Small Capitals, Subscript,
Superscript, Numerators, Denominators, Fractions, Old Style Figures, Historical
Forms, Stylistic Alternates, Ligatures).

It was created by George Douros.

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