System Tools

mtx - SCSI media changer control program

License: GPLv2
Vendor: Alcance Libre, Inc.
The MTX program controls the robotic mechanism in autoloaders and tape
libraries such as the HP SureStore DAT 40x6, Exabyte EZ-17, and
Exabyte 220. This program is also reported to work with a variety of
other tape libraries and autochangers from ADIC, Tandberg/Overland,
Breece Hill, HP, and Seagate.

If you have a backup tape device capable of handling more than one
tape at a time, you should install MTX.

Packages [240 KiB] Changelog by Dan Horák (2009-11-19):
- dropped debug output when tools are called with wrong number of arguments (#538403)
- added patch to support DESTDIR for installing

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