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ocaml-camlp5 - Classical version of camlp4 OCaml preprocessor

Website: https://camlp5.github.io/
License: BSD
Vendor: Alcance Libre, Inc.
Camlp5 is a preprocessor-pretty-printer of OCaml.

It is the continuation of the classical camlp4 with new features.

OCaml 3.10 and above have an official camlp4 which is incompatible
with classical (<= 3.09) versions.  You can find that in the
ocaml-camlp4 package.


ocaml-camlp5-7.00-4.fc14.al.src [730 KiB] Changelog by Richard W.M. Jones (2017-08-08):
- OCaml 4.05.0 rebuild.

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