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xoreos-tools - Tools to help the development of xoreos

Website: https://xoreos.org/
License: GPLv3+
Vendor: Alcance Libre, Inc.
A collection of tools to help with the reverse-engineering of BioWare's
Aurora engine games. xoreos-tools is part of the xoreos project; please
see the xoreos website and its GitHub repositories for details,
especially the main README.md.

Currently, the following tools are included:

* gff2xml: Convert BioWare GFF to XML
* tlk2xml: Convert BioWare TLK to XML
* xml2tlk: Convert XML back to BioWare TLK
* convert2da: Convert BioWare 2DA/GDA to 2DA/CSV
* fixpremiumgff: Repair BioWare GFF files in NWN premium module HAKs
* unerf: Extract BioWare ERF archives
* unherf: Extract BioWare HERF archives
* unrim: Extract BioWare RIM archives
* unnds: Extract Nintendo DS roms
* unnsbtx: Extract Nintendo NSBTX textures into TGA images
* unkeybif: Extract BioWare KEY/BIF archives
* desmall: Decompress "small" (Nintendo DS LZSS, types 0x00 and 0x10) files
* xoreostex2tga: Convert BioWare's texture formats into TGA
* nbfs2tga: Convert Nintendo's raw NBFS images into TGA
* ncgr2tga: Convert Nintendo's NCGR images into TGA
* cbgt2tga: Convert CBGT images into TGA
* cdpth2tga: Convert CDPTH depth images into TGA
* ncsdis: Disassemble NWScript bytecode


xoreos-tools-0.0.6-2.aldos.src [6.1 MiB] Changelog by Joel Barrios (2022-07-22):
- Rebuild with GCC 8.5.

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