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cpplint - Automated checker to ensure C++ files follow Google's style guide

Website: https://github.com/cpplint/cpplint
License: BSD-3-Clause
Vendor: Alcance Libre, Inc.
Cpplint is a command-line tool to check C/C++ files for style issues
following Google’s C++ style guide. Cpplint is developed and
maintained by Google Inc.

While Google maintains cpplint, Google is not (very) responsive to
issues and pull requests, this fork aims to be (somewhat) more open to
add fixes to cpplint to enable fixes, when those fixes make cpplint
usable in wider contexts.


cpplint-1.6.1-1.aldos.noarch [5 KiB] Changelog by Joel Barrios (2023-10-20):
- Initial package.

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