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mt7xxx-firmware - Firmware for Mediatek 7600/7900 series WiFi/Bluetooth adapters

Website: http://www.kernel.org/
License: Redistributable, no modification permitted
Vendor: Alcance Libre, Inc.
Firmware for Mediatek 7600/7900 series WiFi/Bluetooth adapters


mt7xxx-firmware-20230919-1.aldos.noarch [6.9 MiB] Changelog by Joel Barrios (2023-10-02):
- Update to upstream 20230919 release
- amd-ucode: Add note on fam19h warnings
- i915: update MTL HuC to version 8.5.4
- amdgpu: update DMCUB to for various AMDGPU ASICs
- qcom: add link to sc8280xp audioreach firmware
- qcom: sm8250: add RB5 sensors DSP firmware
- qcom: Update vpu-1.0 firmware
- qcom: sm8250: update DSP firmware
- qcom: add firmware for the onboard WiFi on qcm2290 / qrb4210
- qcom: add venus firmware files for v6.0
- qcom: add firmware for QRB4210 platforms
- qcom: add firmware for QCM2290 platforms
- qcom: add GPU firmware for QCM2290 / QRB2210
- ath10k/WCN3990: move wlanmdsp to qcom/sdm845
- QCA: Update Bluetooth WCN685x 2.1 firmware to 2.1.0-00605
- Fix carl9170fw shell scripts for shellcheck errors
- i915: Update MTL DMC to v2.16
- Update firmware file for Intel Bluetooth AX200/AX201/AX203/AX210/AX211
- Update firmware for qat_4xxx devices
- Update AMD SEV firmware
- rtw89: 8852b: update fw to v0.29.29.3
- rtw89: 8851b: update fw to v0.29.41.2
- i915: add GSC for MTL
- cirrus: Add CS35L41 firmware for HP G11 models
- Update AMD cpu microcode
- rtl_bt: Add firmware v2 file for RTL8852C
- Revert "rtl_bt: Update RTL8852C BT USB firmware to 0x040D_7225"
- cxgb4: Update firmware to revision
- Update AMD cpu microcode

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