multitail - View one or multiple files like tail but with multiple windows

License: Apache-2.0
Vendor: Alcance Libre, Inc.
MultiTail lets you view one or multiple files like the original tail
program. The difference is that it creates multiple windows on your
console (with ncurses). It can also monitor wildcards: if another
file matching the wildcard has a more recent modification date, it
will automatically switch to that file. That way you can, for
example, monitor a complete directory of files. Merging of 2 or even
more logfiles is possible.

It can also use colors while displaying the logfiles (through regular
expressions), for faster recognition of what is important and what
not. Multitail can also filter lines (again with regular expressions)
and has interactive menus for editing given regular expressions and
deleting and adding windows. One can also have windows with the
output of shell scripts and other software. When viewing the output
of external software, MultiTail can mimic the functionality of tools
like 'watch' and such.


multitail-7.1.2-1.aldos.x86_64 [149 KiB] Changelog by Joel Barrios (2023-10-30):
- Update to 7.1.2.

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