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nvidia-gpu-firmware - Firmware for NVIDIA GPUs

Website: http://www.kernel.org/
License: Redistributable, no modification permitted
Vendor: Alcance Libre, Inc.
Firmware for NVIDIA GPUs.


nvidia-gpu-firmware-20230804-153.aldos.noarch [923 KiB] Changelog by Joel Barrios (2023-08-17):
- Update AMD cpu microcode
- Update to upstream 20230804 release
- Split out QCom Arm IP firmware
- Merge Marvell libertas WiFi firmware
- Mellanox: Add new mlxsw_spectrum firmware xx.2012.1012
- Add URL for latest FW binaries for NXP BT chipsets
- rtw89: 8851b: update firmware to v0.29.41.1
- qcom: sdm845: add RB3 sensors DSP firmware
- amdgpu: Update DMCUB for DCN314 & Yellow Carp
- ice: add LAG-supporting DDP package
- i915: Update MTL DMC to v2.13
- i915: Update ADLP DMC to v2.20
- cirrus: Add CS35L41 firmware for Dell Oasis Models
- copy-firmware: Fix linking directories when using compression
- copy-firmware: Fix test: unexpected operator
- qcom: sc8280xp: LENOVO: remove directory sym link
- qcom: sc8280xp: LENOVO: Remove execute bits
- amdgpu: update VCN 4.0.0 firmware
- amdgpu: add initial SMU 13.0.10 firmware
- amdgpu: add initial SDMA 6.0.3 firmware
- amdgpu: add initial PSP 13.0.10 firmware
- amdgpu: add initial GC 11.0.3 firmware
- Update AMD fam17h cpu microcode
- Update AMD cpu microcode
- amdgpu: update various generation VCN firmware
- amdgpu: update DMCUB to v0.0.175.0 for various AMDGPU ASICs
- Updated NXP SR150 UWB firmware
- wfx: update to firmware 3.16.1
- mediatek: Update mt8195 SCP firmware to support 10bit mode
- i915: update DG2 GuC to v70.8.0
- i915: update to GuC 70.8.0 and HuC 8.5.1 for MTL
- cirrus: Add CS35L41 firmware for ASUS ROG 2023 Models
- Partially revert "amdgpu: DMCUB updates for DCN 3.1.4 and 3.1.5"
- Update firmware for MT7922 WiFi/Bluetooth device
- Update firmware file for Intel Bluetooth AX200/201/203/210/211
- Fix qcom ASoC tglp WHENCE entry
- check_whence: Check link targets are valid
- iwlwifi: add new FWs from core80-39 release
- iwlwifi: update cc/Qu/QuZ firmwares for core80-39 release
- qcom: Add Audio firmware for SC8280XP X13s

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