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anka-coder-condensed-fonts - Condensed version of anka-coder-fonts

Website: http://code.google.com/p/anka-coder-fonts/
License: OFL
Vendor: Alcance Libre, Inc.
The Anka/Coder family is a mono spaced, courier-width (60% of height; em size
2048x1229) font that contains characters from 437, 866, 1251, 1252 and some
other code pages and can be used for source code, terminal windows etc.
There are 3 font sets (regular. italic, bold, bold-italic each): 1.
Anka/Coder (em size 2048x1229) 2. Anka/Coder Condensed (condensed by
12.5%; em size 2048x1075) 3. Anka/Coder Narrow (condensed by 25%; em
size 2048x922)

"Anka/Coder Condensed" can be used for both printing and screen
viewing of source code, also as for displaying terminal windows.


anka-coder-condensed-fonts-1.100-0.4.20130409hg4348cf4ec395.fc14.al.noarch [427 KiB] Changelog by Fedora Release Engineering (2016-02-03):
- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_24_Mass_Rebuild

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