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cal10n - Compiler assisted localization library (CAL10N)

Website: http://cal10n.qos.ch
License: MIT
Vendor: Alcance Libre, Inc.
Compiler Assisted Localization, abbreviated as CAL10N (pronounced as "calion")
is a java library for writing localized (internationalized) messages.
    * java compiler verifies message keys used in source code
    * tooling to detect errors in message keys
    * native2ascii tool made superfluous, as you can directly encode bundles
      in the most convenient charset, per locale.
    * good performance (300 nanoseconds per key look-up)
    * automatic reloading of resource bundles upon change


cal10n-0.7.7-4.fc14.al.noarch [35 KiB] Changelog by Daniel Mach (2013-12-27):
- Mass rebuild 2013-12-27

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