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lucidlife - A Conway's Life simulator

License: GPLv2+
Vendor: Alcance Libre, Inc.
LucidLife is a Conway's Life simulator. The rules are rather simple. The game
is started with a large grid of cell locations, and an arbitrary set of
living cells. On each turn, each cell thrives or dies based on the number of
cells which surround it. A dead (empty) cell with three live cells around it
becomes a living cell (a birth); a living cell with two or three neighbors
survives; otherwise the cell dies (due to overcrowding) or remains dead
(due to loneliness). It is based on the the GtkLife project, but with a
more modern user interface and other enhancements.

Packages [719 KiB] Changelog by Peter Gordon (2014-05-24):
- Apply fix for print format security:
  + printf-format-security.patch
- Drop versioned DOCDIR patch, in accordance with UnversionedDocdirs feature:
  - make-docs-use-proper-docdir.patch
- Fixes bugs #1037183 (lucidlife FTBFS if "-Werror=format-security" flag is
  used) and #992152 (lucidlife: FTBFS in rawhide)
- Rerun autoconf in %build to update for ARM64 arch support.
- Fixes bug #926097 (lucidlife: Does not support aarch64 in f19 and rawhide)

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