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mlxsw_spectrum-firmware - Firmware for Mellanox Spectrum 1/2/3 Switches

Website: http://www.kernel.org/
License: Redistributable, no modification permitted
Vendor: Alcance Libre, Inc.
Firmware for Mellanox Spectrumi series 1/2/3 ethernet switches.


mlxsw_spectrum-firmware-20240220-1.aldos.noarch [77.3 MiB] Changelog by Joel Barrios (2024-03-01):
- Update to upstream 20240220
- update firmware for en8811h 2.5G ethernet phy
- add firmware for MT7996
- xe: First GuC release for LNL and Xe
- i915: Add GuC v70.20.0 for ADL-P, DG1, DG2, MTL and TGL
- Add CS35L41 firmware for Lenovo Legion 7i gen7 laptop (16IAX7)
- brcm: Add nvram for the Asus Memo Pad 7 ME176C tablet
- ice: update ice DDP package to
- Add CS35L41 firmware for additional ASUS Zenbook 2023 models
- panthor: Add initial firmware for Gen10 Arm Mali GPUs
- qcom: update venus firmware file for v5.4
- Montage: add firmware for Mont-TSSE
- Remove 2 HP laptops using CS35L41 Audio Firmware
- Fix filenames for some CS35L41 firmwares for HP
- wilc1000: update WILC1000 firmware to v16.1.2
- rtl_nic: add firmware for RTL8126A
- intel: Add IPU6 firmware binaries
- ath11k: WCN6855 hw2.0: update to WLAN.HSP.1.1-03125-QCAHSPSWPL_V1_V2_SILICONZ_LITE-3.6510.37
- qcom: Add Audio firmware for SM8550 HDK
- brcm: Add brcmfmac43430-sdio.xxx.txt nvram for the Chuwi Hi8 (CWI509) tablet
- qcom: Add Audio firmware for SM8650 MTP
- Add firmware for Cirrus CS35L41 on HP Consumer Laptops
- amdgpu: lots of firmware updates ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
- Update AMD cpu microcode
- RTL8192E: Remove old realtek WiFi firmware

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