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google-authenticator - One-time pass-code support using open standards

Website: https://github.com/google/google-authenticator-libpam/
License: ASL 2.0
Vendor: Alcance Libre, Inc.
The Google Authenticator package contains a plug-able authentication
module (PAM) which allows login using one-time pass-codes conforming to
the open standards developed by the Initiative for Open Authentication
(OATH) (which is unrelated to OAuth).

Pass-code generators are available (separately) for several mobile

These implementations support the HMAC-Based One-time Password (HOTP)
algorithm specified in RFC 4226 and the Time-based One-time Password
(TOTP) algorithm currently in draft.


google-authenticator-1.04-1.fc14.al.src [70 KiB] Changelog by Marcel Haerry (2017-08-16):
- Update to latest upstream

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