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x11-ssh-askpass - A passphrase dialog for X and not only for OpenSSH

Website: http://www.jmknoble.net/software/x11-ssh-askpass/
License: Public Domain
Vendor: Alcance Libre, Inc.
x11-ssh-askpass is a lightweight passphrase dialog for OpenSSH or
other open variants of SSH. In particular, x11-ssh-askpass is useful
with the Unix port of OpenSSH by Damien Miller and others, and Damien
includes it in his RPM packages of OpenSSH.

x11-ssh-askpass uses only the stock X11 libraries (libX11, libXt) for
its user interface. This reduces its dependencies on external libraries
(such as GNOME or Perl/Tk). See the README for further information.


x11-ssh-askpass- [41 KiB] Changelog by Dominik Mierzejewski (2019-08-30):
- install profile scriptlets as non-executable to avoid explicit csh/sh dep

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